Session Pricing

This is the part where you're looking for a price, for that all-inclusive dollar amount, so you can decide if you want to book a session.  I get it, I'm a price shopper myself. I figure the price should at least be in the ballpark of my budget before I send an inquiry. But I can't do that for you just yet.

You see, the truth is, while we all have a budget, price isn't the most relevant factor when you hire me. If you hire me because I'm an affordable option, it's likely that we might not be the best fit for each other. There are many photographers in our town and beyond, in fact so so so many photographers, and not every photographer fits every client. We all have a special touch we add to our work, a style that defines our product, and areas in which we excel.

If you have looked at my work and would like me to create art with your family as the subject, I would be overjoyed to hear from you.

You may contact me through any of my social media accounts, via email, or by clicking the button below.