Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | family photography fall tree with family of four

REMEMBER HOW IT FELT | genuine family portraits

I think the most deeply felt moments in our lives are the ones that happen when no one is watching. When you’re lying in the dark singing your baby to sleep or dancing in the kitchen with your spouse. There is no way for me to capture these moments, but I truly feel they are the moments that matter most.

So, I take this thought with me when I photograph your family. I give directions and I give space for moments to unfold. I do my best to freeze time and your relationships, your warm smiles and soft touches, your brief but meaningful eye contact. The result will always be somewhat curated, but the emotion is real.

It’s not so much about remembering the exact moment, it’s about remembering how it felt.

Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | extended family at golden hour
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | golden hour family session

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