Keeping It Simple for a Fun Family Session | Oroville and Butte County Family Photographer

Who says family photo sessions can't be fun?  Having photos taken of your family is so so so important, and it shouldn't feel like a chore.  It should be a positive family experience, the making of a memory, not just something to check off your to do list.

This is why I like to keep my family sessions simple...just show up and be you.  Don't worry if the kids won't behave, they will be great.  Don't worry if the clothes you picked aren't right, they are perfect. Don't worry if you don't know what to do in the pictures, I will tell you.

I had so much fun capturing the Lafauci family.  We played a few games, got to know each other quickly, and enjoyed what must have been the last (overly) warm day of fall.  The littlest even invited me to go swimming in her pool.  How sweet is that?!?  They are such a fun, laid back family, and I’m so honored to share their images with you.

I also included a few helpful tips for a smooth family session below, so don’t forget to scroll to the bottom.


Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | family of four
Tonya Edwards | Butte County Photographer | family of four in a field
Tonya Edwards Photographer | Northern California photography | family on a blanket under an oak tree
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | family on a blanket under an oak tree
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Lifestyle Family Photographer | family of four cuddling under a tree
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | father and son
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | lifestyle picture with mother and daughter twirling
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photography | little boy with beautiful eyes
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | cute little girl in golden sunlight
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | family of four lifestyle session
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | family of four standing hugging

Some helpful tips for the best family photo session experience

  • Make sure little ones are rested and fed.
  • Bring dry snacks and water in case little ones need a pick-me-up during your session.
  • Take potty breaks before we start shooting.
  • Show them pictures of me during the week before our session, so I don’t feel like a stranger to them.
  • Show them my instagram account so they can see pictures of my family as well, then they will feel like they know me.
  • Instead of bribing your children with a treat when it’s over, make the photo session part of your experience.  There is a huge difference in saying, “We are going to have a friend take photos and then go get ice cream together,” vs. “If you behave/smile for our photos, you can have an ice cream.” I assure you, the previous statement will have much more impact.
  • And the golden rule for parents: RELAX.  If you’re relaxed, your children will know to relax, and it will be the kind of memory making you want to repeat year after year.

If you’re interested in booking a session, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.