Mama of Two | Portraits of Motherhood


Motherhood is many things. It is joyful, fun, loving, warm, adventurous, encouraging, beautiful, and fulfilling. It is also lonely, hard, discouraging, frustrating, messy, chaotic, empty, and ugly.

It is often all these things (and more) simultaneously, which can make navigating it even more challenging. For me, the chaos and challenges can sometimes make me forget, even doubt, just how blessed I am. I know in my heart how bountiful and beautiful this life is, but when I’m drowning in life’s emotional and physical clutter, it’s not always easy to see.

Do you relate? 

When I photograph you with your children, what I hope to create is proof. Proof of the love you feel.  Proof of all the good things that come with being a mother. Proof that even if children are melting or you sometimes feel sad and heavy, what you have is really, really good.

Proof of what truly exists, but is sometimes obscured by the speed and noise and mess of lives lived in a busy world.

Today, I’m sharing the second session of my Portraits of Motherhood series. This amazing mama and her littles sat in front of me and just did what they do best, be together. Nothing special. Nothing over the top with props or themes, because what they have doesn’t need embellishment. It’s honest and it’s beautiful and I feel blessed to have created these images with them.

“And perhaps what made her beautiful was not her appearance or what she achieved, but in her love, and in her courage, and her audacity to believe: no matter the shadows around her, light ran wild within her, and that was the way she came alive and it showed up in her everything.” ~ Morgan Harper Nichols 

This is part two of three of my Portraits of Motherhood series.

Mama of two.

Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | mother son and daughter sitting in long green grass under a tree snuggling
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Family Photographer | mommy and me mini session outdoors in spring time under a tree with son and daughter in black and white
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | baby girl sitting with mama and brother picking grass at a mama and me mini session
Tonya Edwards Photography | Oroville | motherhood mini mama and children sitting in the spring green grass smiling  in color
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | mama and children mini session  with son and daughter
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | son hugging mother's neck while she carries him
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | indoor window light mini session with mother son and daughter sitting on a hope chest hugging
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | black and white photo of mother preschool boy and toddler girl blowing kisses
Tonya Edwards | Oroville Photographer | mommy and me mini session indoors window light in black and white mama son and baby daughter blowing kisses
Tonya Edwards Photography | Oroville Photographer | motherhood photos at mini session with mama daughter and son indoors in natural light
Tonya Edwards Photographer | Oroville Photographer | natural pose with mom and two children indoors natural light
Tonya Edwards Photography | Oroville Photographer | mama and daughter looking into each others eyes natural poses in black and white
Tonya Edwards Photography | Oroville Photographer | motherhood mini session natural posing with mama and two children boy and girl hugging and smiling

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I am hosting a Portraits of Motherhood mini session event this year on

Saturday, April 27, and Sunday, April 28.

I would love to capture some beautiful memories of you and your children.